It's All About The Endorphasm

Erica Porter Erica D. Porter, founder of Endorphasm[/caption]

Okay, let’s go ahead and get the name out of the way–Endorphasm. I know what you’re thinking. The name does have to do with pleasure. More specifically, that feeling you get from endorphins after a great workout.

Personal trainer Erica Porter, a fitness studio owner in Midlothian, is no stranger to the idea, and used the name to brand her studio and line of fitness apparel.

Porter’s brand is twofold–a full service fitness studio with daily classes and a variety of trainers and an online retailer offering custom fitness apparel. Being that she had a relatively new concept, Porter was without a website, which made it difficult for clients to find her studio and her apparel.

We jumped at the opportunity to help Porter develop a web presence by customizing a WordPress site to fit her needs. By integrating with the software she uses to allow customers to sign up for classes online, we were able to provide an easy way for customers to see which classes are offered and when, which Porter can easily manage from her computer. The information then auto-populates to the website as changes are made.

[caption id="attachment_556" align="alignright" width="175"]Endorphasm One of the many original Endorphasm t-shirt designs available for purchase[/caption]

We also created an easy way for Porter to show off her custom t-shirt designs, which are housed on a Square Market website, by embedding each product directly into her website. Customers can then click through for more information and secure payment.

If you’re looking to get in shape for beach season or just interested in some cool, locally-designed apparel, be sure to check out Endorphasm!


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