But First…Let Me Buy A Shelfie!

Shelfie Shelfie, “the bathroom tray for safer play.”[/caption]

By now, you’ve no doubt seen and heard the viral #SELFIE music video, a song that pokes fun at an entire generation’s selfie-taking obsession.

Local ‘momtrepreneur’ Joy Jones, decided–perhaps quite serendipitously–to launch her new product, the Shelfie, around the same time the video came out. Shelfie is what Jones calls “the bathtub tray for safer play.”

After one of her daughters slipped and bumped her head on the wet floor, Jones thought up the idea to build a prototype of a bathtub tray that allowed her kids to play with toys on the side of the tub without spilling water onto the bathroom floor.

After several tests and interest from friends and family, Jones decided to go for it. She ordered a pallet Shelfies from a manufacturer. Her product is now carried at a number of online retail stores, and locally at The Toy Center and Pigtails and Crewcuts.

Shelfie was a finalist in the 2014 i.e.* Competition, an annual startup event put on by the Greater Richmond Chamber. It is now available for purchase online, too.

Check out the product video we produced for Shelfie below.



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