Slow Down and Smell the Basil: Dinner in the Field

Known best for breathtaking waterside backdrops and cityscape views, The Boathouse Group has teamed up with Victory Farms to host Dinner in the Field.

Every Friday and Saturday this summer (with few exceptions), guests are invited to slow down, enjoy a glass of wine and discover the delicious simplicity of traditional Italian cooking–alfresco in the gardens of Victory Farms.

Chef Paige Healy, inspired by her culinary studies in southern Italy last year, has designed a 5-course menuto be served family-style in the garden. Dinner includes a tour of the fields and, in some instances, guests will be invited to help gather fresh herbs to contribute to the meal. Sommelier Michael Avery will select wines to complement the menu.

Victory Farms is a 10-minute drive from Richmond and a preferred source to a number of local fine-dining restaurants. Charlie Collins, who has made a living as a farmer for 20 years, shares Healy’s passion for fresh, organic produce and communal dining.

“I have many fond childhood memories eating vegetables right off the vine in my family’s big, organic garden,” said Collins. “Richmond’s restaurant community is doing some amazing things, I built a farm close to town to answer the call for high-quality, fresh, organic produce.”

Tickets are $85 per person. Seating is limited. Guests can register by emailing

“Every great meal starts with the same recipe,” Healy said. “Take the best ingredients around and combine them with a wonderful group of family and friends.”

Scenes from Dinner in the Field’s debut evening (credit: Mike Topham Photography):

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