Hear ye! Beer me! @ Ardent Craft Ales

Dear Friends,

It’s hardly been a slow news week.

Considering Tuesday’s political shake-up and recent announcements about the Roosevelt/Heritage New Southside Collaboration RVA comedic triple threat at The Broadberry and of course, Cher’s latest farewell tour, I’m looking forward to reflecting on the week’s events with an ice-cold beer in hand.

Thankfully, VANCE HQ is located only minutes away from Scott’s Addition, a neighborhood I think we can all now refer to as: Richmond’s Brewing District.  Can I get a Hear Me! Beer Me!??

Isley Brewing Company and Hardywood Park Craft Brewery welcomed two more brewers to the area: Black Heath Meadery (coming this fall) and Ardent Craft Ales (Grand Opening is tomorrow at 4pm).

Since Ardent Craft Ales Grand Opening coincides with Hear Ye! Beer Me! (not to mention the once-in-a-lifetime Friday 13th/Strawberry Full Moon Convergence)I think a field trip is in store.

Meet us at  3200 W. Leigh Street  at 4pm and raise a glass to RVA’s burgeoning brew scene.  Order your beer with the magic words: “Hear Ye! Beer Me!” and the first one’s on me. Better do it before 5pm, though. I’ve got a hot date and I’m taking my wallet with me.

Hear Ye!


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