We get it. This is your baby.

You’ve put in long days (and more than a few nights) to make it happen.

You’ve lost sleep and skipped meals to give it that extra push your mission needs to succeed.

No one knows better than you how important this is.

Which is exactly the problem.

Despite your best efforts to get your message “out there,” your story remains a “best kept secret.”

Perhaps you are having trouble articulating your story. Maybe you are telling the wrong story. What if you are telling a great story, but to the wrong people? 

These are great questions for your PR and marketing team. But, what if you don’t have one? What if you ARE the PR and marketing team?

That’s where we come in. We give small brands a voice. Hear ye!

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What Clients Say

  • In the five years I have worked with VANCE on the Richmond Folk Festival, the effort to promote an amazing, multicultural “feast for the senses” has grown into a highly coordinated, well-oiled machine that draws eyes and ears to the festival throughout the summer and early fall. From the festival website to press coverage across diverse media in Richmond to special projects like an e-newsletter and a very successful promotional video (filmed in hurricane-like conditions, no less), the team working to promote the Richmond Folk Festival has matured significantly due to the vision and leadership of VANCE.

    The National Council for the Traditional Art
    Blaine Waide
    Associate Director, National Council for the Traditional Arts
  • Our partnership with VANCE affords us the ability to be current, relevant and agile in the always-changing landscape of public awareness. Their creative spirit energizes our membership and brings tangible results to our vision. But most importantly, Kelly and her team share our dedication and passion for this life-saving mission.

    Donate Life Virginia
    Debbie Anderson
    President, Donate Life Virginia
  • We have partnered many times with VANCE to assist us with everything from video production and campaign design to crisis communications. They are a trusted partner we always know we can count on.

    The Spark Mill
    Sarah Milston
    CEO, The Spark Mill
  • As an 18 year veteran of television, I have worked with many PR and Marketing agencies. Of them, few show the ‘out of the box thinking’ that today’s strategies require; and even fewer reach out to us to acquire a media insider’s perspective and expertise. VANCE has been the only agency that not only shows the knowledge and forward thinking to best promote the client’s needs, but reaches out to media professionals to help stay on the forefront of industry trends and events, all the while building excellent professional relationships.

    CBS 6 in Richmond
    Stacy Sacra
    Creative Services Senior Producer, CBS 6
  • Working with VANCE means collaborating with a team of visionaries with integrity and follow-through. They push you to first articulate your desired outcomes — which often turn out to be completely different than what you expected– then they provide the plan, experts and execution to achieve those outcomes. And although Kelly and team are premier professionals, they are also a lot of fun to work with. Why? Because they love what they do and they always hit the mark!

    Virginia Department of Forestry
    Michelle Stoll
    Communications Director, Virginia Dept. of Forestry
  • Kelly is an absolute force when it comes to amplifying your message. I’ve been impressed with her ability to rally fans around a brand and create genuine conversations that lead to conversions. Kelly also does all of this with a kind heart and from a place of absolute integrity. If you’re a brand looking for help sharing your message, give Kelly a call. I give her my highest recommendation.

    Andrea Goulet
    CEO, Corgibytes
  • What stood out the most was Kelly’s flexibility while working on our project. She took initiative in communication and easily connected with other members of my team when their input or feedback was needed. Overall, she and the VANCE agency made our project feel like a priority at all times and empowered us along the way.

    Ashley Koski, MPH
    Childhood Lead Program Coordinator, Virginia Department of Health
  • I trust Kelly, and know I can reach out to her for assistance. She cares about our people, our region, and our state. It is hard to express the importance of this level of trust for us at the local level, but having someone to rely on for the duration of this pandemic has been invaluable.

    Breanne Forbes Hubbard
    Population Health Manager, Virginia Department of Health

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