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360 Strategy & 12-Month Marketing Plan

PR has always been more than just getting “ink.”

It’s about building trust and inspiring action through personal experiences and vivid storytelling. PR doesn’t interrupt. It entices.

But, traditional marketing & PR programs fail because they are short-sighted and focus on the wrong metrics. The euphoria that comes from the front-page media placement in USA Today or the Wall Street Journal may feel great, but the half-life simply isn’t what it used to be.

Modern communications is integrated. It has to be to compete with the barrage of cat videos, social media memes and pop-up ads clogging the internet. If you want to be heard above the din, you’ll need more than a press release and a marketing stunt in your arsenal.

We can help you reach your audience where they are, capture their attention, and win their hearts over and over again. It’s not rocket science, it’s ART and SCIENCE.

Our 360 Strategy program will take you through a 4-step process that will produce a winning brand strategy and 12-month tactical, ready-to-implement roadmap for success.

Preview our strategic process and timeline.

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