Working with VANCE

What to Expect

What you can expect

Modern communications is NOT magic. It’s a measure of strategy, creativity, experience, and intuition. 

It is also an investment. And one we take seriously. If you’re going to spend time and money building your brand, we figure you should know what to expect in return.

  1. We will always give it to you straight. If you hire us for counsel, we will give you our best advice, no matter what.
  2. We only represent brands we believe in. Our job is to advocate on your behalf. If we don’t buy it ourselves, we won’t sell it to anyone else.
  3. We’ve got high standards and won’t stop until we’ve delivered our very best work. We will never phone it in.
  4. There are no junior execs on our team. Every single one of our partners has at least 10 years of experience in their specialty area. You will always be talking with the person in charge.
  5. We are not your bargain basement firm. Our fees are competitive with other agencies, but if you’re looking for a cheap fix, we are unlikely to be a fit.

What we expect from you

  1. We’re a good fit for companies that want a partner, not a vendor. We can’t build a brand by ourselves. We need your active participation and collaboration in the process to be successful.
  2. We need your honest, open communication to be effective. We simply can’t give you proper counsel if we’re not dialed into the whole story. We’re happy to sign an NDA if it makes you feel more comfortable sharing your secrets with us.
  3. We won’t participate in anything we view as unethical. Thankfully, it’s a rare occurrence but should arise, we’ll return your check and call it a day.

Still want to talk?  Drop us a line. 

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